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Wealthiest Man in History - Mansa Musa T-Shirt

Wealthiest Man in History - Mansa Musa T-Shirt

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Mansa Musa was the ruler of the West African Islamic Mali Empire from 1312 C.E. to 1337 C.E. He was the wealthiest man in recorded history. The wealth of Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett are not even comparable to the wealth he accumulated. Sources have cited that his wealth was “indiscernible”. In the 17th year of Mansa Musa’s rule, he went on a legendary pilgrimage to Mecca and spent a fortune along the way. There were about 80 to 100 camels; and atop the backs of these camels were several pounds of gold, around 300-400 pounds of gold dust. Every place that King Musa stopped, he would hand out vast amounts of gold to the locals. Mansa Musa’s spending was so lavish that in some places like Egypt, the local economy actually collapsed because of the influx of vast amounts of gold. Inflation in those places soared up. Historians believe that it took a couple of years for those economies to get back on track. It is also believed that Mansa Musa, in an attempt to fix the situation, opted to buy back the gold that he had originally dished out. By doing so, he briefly dictated the gold prices of that region, and perhaps of the world in general.


SHAKAWEAR box-fit-styled t-shirt originated in the early fashion era of the 90s. Popularized by streetwear, it is an iconic shirt that delivers fashion and style. A classic throwback is made for all generations.  
- Blank product is manufactured in various countries
- Heavy knit
- Retro look
- 100% Cotton
- Oversize fit
- 7.5 oz. Fabric Weight

Care Instructions
- Wash in warm water, max 40C or 105F.
- Use non-chlorine bleach only when necessary.
- Do not dry clean.
- Do not iron.
- Tumble Dry Medium.

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